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You are now leaving to visit the CCMR3 Client Portal, powered by Applied Innovation.

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The CCMR3 Advantage

Collection efforts are under more scrutiny today than ever before, with many organizations trying to balance better returns with compassion for the hardships faced by their customers. CCMR3 achieves that balance by following a formula for success that no other collection agency has mastered.


The collection industry is long past due for an overhaul. CCMR3's progressive approach is rooted in compliance, innovative technology, and an unparalleled respect for both your customers and your needs.


CCMR3 is redefining how a collection agency serves its clients and their customers with a full suite of solutions designed to drive more revenue, decrease overhead, and alleviate administrative burden throughout the accounts receivable lifecycle.


We're proving that successful recovery isn't contingent on aggressive pursuit and demanding communications. We deliver results for our clients by providing their customers with positive experiences and long-term payment solutions, not just temporary fixes.

People-First Approach

From day one, CCMR3 has been reshaping the way consumers experience collections through compassionate, productive, and judgement-free conversations. We've replaced relentless calls and demanding collectors with representatives that take the time to listen, educate, and most importantly, help consumers find a way to repayment.

We're so dedicated to building true relationships that once an account is assigned, our account executives maintain that relationship for the duration of the repayment. For your customers, this means no hopping between reps, re-sharing uncomfortable or embarrassing details, or worrying that the person on the other end of the line won't understand.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We harness the awesome power of technology in every interaction. Whether its advanced analytics, machine learning, or artificial intelligence, CCMR3 will always be on the forefront of innovation looking for new ways to boost performance and improve the collection experience for your customers.

Our customized collection platform is designed for flexibility, allowing us to build customized solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of our clients and their customers. Our technology also offers added convenience to your customers, providing them with a variety of ways to communicate along with hassle-free payment options.

Compliance Expertise

An unwavering commitment to compliance is the foundation of any good collection strategy. As a full-service collection partner licensed in all 50 states, CCMR3 places the highest priority on adhering to all applicable laws and regulations in every consumer interaction.

All our account executives are IACC- and ACA-certified and FDCPA-trained to ensure that your customers are treated with the utmost professionalism. We supplement robust compliance oversight with technology, building compliance controls directly into our collection software to mitigate the risk of human error.

Brand Protection

We see protecting our clients' brands as one of the key objectives when working with consumers. Happy consumers who are treated with empathy and professionalism are not just more inclined to work to repay their debts, but also to come out of a collection experience with renewed confidence in that brand.

Whether acting under your business' name as a first-party extension or reaching out as a third-party, we see each interaction with your customers as an opportunity to make a great impression, and protect the good name your company has worked hard to build.

CCMR3 can help you:

  • Reduce accounts receivable
  • Improve cash flow
  • Focus on your business
  • Protect your brand
  • Limit internal expense
  • Relieve administrative burden

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New York City Residents:
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